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i use this site occasionally, I viewed one model called msicebabyxxx, when asked for pm, she wanted 10 tokens just to ask about a private show, ask anything in the room usually requires a tip note, I seen this girl before, used to be dearkristi in chaturbate, but she appears to have closed this dearkristi account, and is using the new msicebabyxxx name........chaturbate was fun once, as soon as the token element was introduced, some models have got very greedy,my policy now is to just not talk to this msicebabyxxx, i will not say anything bad here about her, this is purely my opinion from experience, of course it is up to you to decide your own actions,but there is plenty of nice models on chaturbate to choose from.

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I'm a model on chaturbate. We are there to make money.

Not to give your cheap *** a free show. Pay up or shut up.

to Amanda #1416792

Amanda, you sound exactly like the person the original post is all about, all shows are free on chaturbate, when you enter a room, it is free, unless it is a private show or a password show, its only peoples willingness to tip that makes models money, so your statement is wrong to start with, you sound like a very avaricious person, and after reading your little post, I totally and fully agree with the original poster here, it is models like you that spoil chaturbate and put people off going there with your selfish me me me attitude.

to Amanda #1416794

seems like the original post hit very close to home with you Amanda lol, the truth is out lol.period!

to Amanda #1601670

i'd be surprised if you make any money there, talking like that to people, who have just made a simple valid point, a lot of models on chaturbate are very good, but replies like yours simply give them all a bad name, and basically confirm what everyone here is saying in this thread...maybe the truth has hurt you, and you make nothing? who knows, and quite frankly, who cares, not me!

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